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Research X

Terraforming Adds planet building slots 0/5
Echo Amplifier Increases max planet influence range 0/5
Radio Power Strengthens influence growth 0/5
Robotics First level enables ship building.
Subsequent levels increase ship building speed
Laser Tech Increases ship weapon power 0/5
Thrusters Increases ship speed 0/5
Mining Tools Increases gold output 0/5
Nano Technology Increases research output 0/5

Clashing Galaxies

Planets: (20 - 150)
Min distance: (40 - 140)
Players: (2 - 4)


Each player starts with one planet, and the goal is to claim all of your opponent's planets.

Planets have a visible sphere of influence once owned by a player. A planet is claimed once another planet's influence overlaps it.

A planet produces gold and science. Gold is used to build buildings on your planets, and science is used to buy research levels.

Click a planet to view its details. Click the research icon in the upper right corner to view your research levels.

Once built, shipyards will automatically build ships, and send them out to contested planets. A damaged planet's influence growth is reduced proportionally to its condition, but repairs itself over time.

The game runs in real-time, but can be paused and unpaused with the P key.

This is your accumulated science.
Click here to show the research screen.
The number in parenthesis is
your income per tick.
This is your accumulated Gold.
Spend gold to build bulidings on your planets.
The number in parenthesis is
your income per tick.
This planet is your home world.
Click it to view its details,
or to build bulidings.
This planet is your opponent's
home world.
This outer circle indicates the planet's influence.
Influence grows over time, by the amount
indicated in the planet screen.
When this circle overlaps another planet,
then that planet is claimed by you.

Game Over!

won the game.


Changes since the Ludum Dare 30 submission

Research details

TechDescriptionEffect per level

Building details

BuildingDescriptionEffect per building


Ship damage% of a planet's total condition
Planet repair speed% of a planet's total condition per tick
Corporate overhead penalty% reduced science and gold income per planet connection to home world.
This means that a planet connected directly to its owner's home world would have its income reduced by %.


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